Homage to the Matrix


She is dancing, dancing, dancing
The primordial one, the radiant black one
Creatrix and destroyer
Swirling in her red flames
Lolling tongue dripping blood
Garlanded with fresh-cut heads
The black goddess dances.

Her outstretched arms invite me
And into her scorching embrace
I, who draw sustenance from her
I, who into her womb will dissolve,
step into her lustrous black radiance
my soul laughing in delight.


Awesome, ancient queen
You who must destroy to create
Create to destroy
You who give the corn life
You who make all the worlds spin
You the black hole which nullifies all
You the genetrix of all
You pulse in my vein, beat of my heart
You hunger in my soul
My darling goddess
Come dance with me.


~ by Steppenwolf on March 17, 2005.

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