Ishtar’s Priestess


Red wine in my goblet sparkling

I watch Ishtar’s Priestess swaying

Lustrous black hair swirling

Silver snake her creamy, creamy upper-arms squeezing

Silver waistband gyrating hips encircling

Red ruby belly button glittering

Wisp of belly down mesmerizing

Through silken robes shimmering

Silver anklets jingling

The ravishing woman is dancing

To the hypno beat of the drumming

Horny horns echoing

Her ecstatic ululating

heady, heady wine.

The music a crescendo reaching

Jet black hair cascading

Upraised arms undulating

Purple tassels her dark nipples clinching

Alabaster thigh muscles rippling

Soft belly flesh rolling, rolling

Writhing body sweat-sheen glistening

Fecund musk overpowering

Her pelvis in my face thrusting

Red-cherry belly button wantonly winking

Her ruby red lips moistly parting

Her onyx eyes glittering, fluttering

’Neath long thick eyebrows coquettishly arching

Head thrown back husky laughing

Female power exulting

In triumph over my manhood pulsing

I raise my hands adulating

Ishtar’s Priestess

Dancing her dance divine.


~ by Outrigger Owl on February 13, 2007.

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