City of Concrete Erections


It was 1971 when this city got its first big erection
when the so-called Noble House
– in fact a house of Scottish pirates –
thrust its tower of 1000 arseholes
up in the Hong Kong sky.

After all they were the first with the balls
to thrust their way into China.
The world’s first drug cartel
that built an empire selling Indian dope
to a vast market of Chinese junkies –
and as a sideline shipping on their fast clippers
coolies Shanghaid in Shanghai
to provide slave labor for
the New World’s plantations.

It was the robber barons of this same house
who goaded their parliament to
bomb old Canton to smithereens
to teach the stiff-necked Chinese
the value of free trade and
the power of gunboat diplomacy.

The clipper, the coolie and the opium box
that embellished the seal
of this Noble House of course got a face lift
as their new symbol of power thrust its way up.

Soon the city’s new rich Chinese
began to display their erections
as if to announce their new-found virility
to turn Hong Kong’s skyline
into a sea of erect cocks of concrete.

Look, mine’s bigger than yours, I got more cojones.
Look at ours, they’re bigger than the white man’s erections
We got rich penetrating their virgin territories
with cheap watches and plastic flowers.

But look at ours,
our mighty jagged-veined phallic symbol.
We got more money, we got the power
for it’s now our boys’ turn to turn pirate
and conquer the white man’s markets,
tilting the balance of trade in our favor
while we collect the cash —
we, the Bank of China.

Not to be out-thrust, Sheila’s Tower of power also rises
announcing the arrival of a lady with balls.
Anything you boys can do, I can too,
says a lady with rapacity.

This city’s mighty erections
proclaim its possession of a Viagra
called big money in the bank.
And it’s the aroma of this aphrodisiac
that assails your nostrils
as you walk through its canyons of concrete erections.


~ by Outrigger Owl on February 14, 2007.

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