Nights of Frenzy

Frenzy night

Hello, nights of frenzy
welcome to my soul,
grip my fist and we shall go
to rip the guts of this rip-off town.

Let us go to the pits of hell
to drain a keg of moonshine fury
and gaze at the haze
with surreal eyes.

Open the windows
let the breeze in
and clear up the festering cobwebs
in my soul.

I can feel the beast heaving
at the pits of my guts.
I need this beast,
the volatile beast,
the essential beast.

No punching pillows in cold sobriety,
just a marshmallow world of dreamless stupor,
and the morrow with its heavy head
and weary sadness.

Tonight, the neon city winks,
and life beckons her magic wand, and I,
who am alive in every atom of my being,
will pay obeisance at her shrine.

Tonight, I shall drain the goblet of life
knowing well that satiety is but a dream —
a mirage.
So Maya, my love, enchant me —
For Nirvana is a


~ by Outrigger Owl on February 15, 2007.

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