The primal conquers the liberal




There was a poem here that talked about a liberal whose liberal notions eventually collided with primal passions, namely possessiveness and jealousy over a woman – feelings his liberal notions had long suppressed. It talked about some nasty things he felt like doing to them, with a note to spooks monitoring potential violent criminals that he was taking poetic license and to be cool.
The woman, as she is wont to do, misread it; she was convinced the poet was making an effort to cast her in bad light, and elevate himself into a victim, whereas the poet merely recounted all the men who lusted after her and how he felt about it. He did not say she reciprocated all their lust, bar one, which the poet indicated was OK. But the woman took great offence. So fuck poetry. Stick to prose … and hope that works.


~ by Steppenwolf on June 10, 2009.

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