The scene behind the veils seen in a dream


An audience of one
In a dark theatre
Facing a curtain
Impatient for the show to begin
Faint voices backstage
Muffled words
The audience of one

Suddenly the curtain parts
The man sits up
But behind the screen
A red veil
He waits

The red veil parts
Behind it a blue veil
Glimpsed behind it
A table lamp
Two people on a sofa
In silhouette
Two bodies, two faces
One dearly beloved

The show has begun

The dialogue dominated
By the woman
Pouring her passion
Her great love
For the man beside her
The love of her life
The Alpha Female of
Her hero’s harem
The woman whose arts
Can take her Numero Uno
To heights he’s never scaled before
The complete woman
For the man who gives her
The blissful full-fill-ment
She never has felt before
The man she now needs, loves, honors, obeys
The man to cherish and relish
The man she vows to really belong to
In this life and the next
Her prince

She tells him
About her jaded feelings
For the faded man
The anti-hero
Who never could make her feel
What her real man does
The Steppenwolf she once loved
Then hated, despised, feared
Rejected, pitied
The strange man
Her mate for so long
Now downgraded
At best humored

The audience of one
Catches snatches of conversation
The current between the characters
Enough to make the scene clear
Understand his role
As a bit player
In the passionate story
Taking place on the main stage
And confirm what he thought
The act was all about
Shattering illusions


Being enacted was an old story
As old as man, as old as woman
As old as passion
As old as forgotten passion
As old as women’s wiles
As old as cuckoldry
As old as the delights
Of forbidden fruit
As old as love faded
As old as love downgraded
As old as women enraptured
With love and lust
For another man
Now become the epicenter
And delight of her life

And the lone man in the audience
Senses regret and loss
Shuffles out
Into the dark and lonely night
Thinking it’s better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all


~ by Outrigger Owl on July 18, 2009.

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