Gifts of the Bitch Goddess


You have borne my harsh ways
For a long time now
The other night
I heard you scream out
Vile hag, Bitch Goddess

Now I give you
My sister Bagalmukhi
Mistress of sorcery
I give you also
The gift of sight
My friends the crows
I put at your service
But be careful how
You use your gifts
And learn to cope with what you see
And handle my sister’s gifts with care


My toll is heavy
But know that I love you
In my own way
And when the dark angel comes
I will be waiting to embrace you
And guide you into the afterlife
Where you will find release and rest
Before the next round begins
So hang in there for now, my son
And pay puja to me
Your Bitch Goddess

My ways are mysterious
But you have paid your dues
Finally grasped the nature of duality
Now you are at the door
Of some of our vidyas


~ by Steppenwolf on September 24, 2009.

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