No woman, no cry

The wise men say
that a man without a woman
is half a man
half alive
They say that a man
who has many women
is fully alive
lives a super-charged life
that his sense of
and manly pride
make him more together
radiates his life
gives him zip
to walk with a spring in his step
cocky, confident
a man of the world
the conqueror of women
conquers his world

Well, I’ve been a man
without a woman
for a very long time
struggling to stay alive
stay sane
stay sober
stay solvent
and though a hard slog
with no pleasure
no female touch
no scent of a woman
i made it so far

But now i’m aging
and the spring in my step
which kept me going
thanks to no woman
but my own self
is losing its bounce
and my smile
is losing its sparkle

There is no one here
to help when I’m sick
and I’ve suffered alone
and healed alone
cooked my food
and eaten alone

My good looks wasted
my wit wasted
my manhood wasted
sands of time
running out fast

But then I have my pride
no woman, no cry

17 September 2010


~ by Steppenwolf on September 17, 2010.

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