A long time, three decades
To gather stuff
The good and the bad
The ugly and the beautiful
Thrills and spills
Highs and lows
Agonies and ecstasies
A checkered history

Old photographs
Bring back faded memories
Of budding romance
Of youth and laughter
Of friends and gatherings
Of journeys taken
Of raising a child
Of celebrations
Of many happy times
In the years gone by

But a heap of e-mails
Also tells stories
Of old baggage
Clash of colors
And sense of proportion
Treadmill stress
And unmet needs
Matters of money
The banal and the domestic
Different directions
And power struggles
Loneliness and frustration
Separations and reunions
Friends and lovers
And friends turned foes
Hurts meant and unmeant
Losses and gains
Games of blame
Fanning flames
And family conundrums
Jaded old scripts
Knifing the romance
We try to restore

A heavy drag
This musty old baggage
Wish I could ditch it
Open a blank page
Write a different story
Travelling light
In fast-fading time

29 September 2010


~ by Steppenwolf on September 29, 2010.

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