Lordly Lust

Devout Buddhists
With fat appetites
For wealth
Power & glory
All earthly delights
And other men’s wives

They want it all
But never enough
Want more

Hankered for it
Clawed it
Fought for it
Killed for it
And earned it

And the women
Falling over each other
To give themselves
Unable to resist
The heady aphrodisiac
Men of power ooze

So satisfy their lusts
And their great needs
Give them more
To gorge on
Numero Unos
At the apex
Of the politico-military complex,
Movers and shakers
Mighty BIG takers
With master’s privileges
And heavy thanha for bukhthi
Under veneer of bhakthi

So take it all, my lords
It’s all yours for the taking
Lusty lords of the earth!


~ by Steppenwolf on March 10, 2011.

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