Alpha Summons

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She gave a good part of her 40s
To her lover man
While her ‘husband’ slept alone
And struggled alone
And was sick alone
And survived alone

Now Buddhist guilt trips
And sheer inconvenience
Weans her off her lover we hear

But Alpha summons
He has urgent need
And the woman
Must go

She’s all yours, BOSS
Short time, long time, all time
You can have her
The only precious thing I had
Your comfort woman
At your service, BOSS


Come over anytime for some TLC

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While she gave him all the support
To do his job, well satisfied
Nicely done
While she even thought out
For him what to pack
I barely survived my job
My livelihood
With which I
Kept myself alive
And helped them

The man who had it all
All the support
Of his wife — his centrepiece
His many friends
Many women
His concubine
His piece on the side
My lost centrepiece
Maneuvered for him
Even my support

Build him up
Break me down

Not a damn could she give for me
And my survival
Much less support
To carry on my livelihood
I survived by the skin of my teeth

Come over any time
For some tender loving care
She insists
After all that’s what friends are for

Build him up
Break me down


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A long time, three decades
To gather stuff
The good and the bad
The ugly and the beautiful
Thrills and spills
Highs and lows
Agonies and ecstasies
A checkered history

Old photographs
Bring back faded memories
Of budding romance
Of youth and laughter
Of friends and gatherings
Of journeys taken
Of raising a child
Of celebrations
Of many happy times
In the years gone by

But a heap of e-mails
Also tells stories
Of old baggage
Clash of colors
And sense of proportion
Treadmill stress
And unmet needs
Matters of money
The banal and the domestic
Different directions
And power struggles
Loneliness and frustration
Separations and reunions
Friends and lovers
And friends turned foes
Hurts meant and unmeant
Losses and gains
Games of blame
Fanning flames
And family conundrums
Jaded old scripts
Knifing the romance
We try to restore

A heavy drag
This musty old baggage
Wish I could ditch it
Open a blank page
Write a different story
Travelling light
In fast-fading time

29 September 2010

No woman, no cry

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The wise men say
that a man without a woman
is half a man
half alive
They say that a man
who has many women
is fully alive
lives a super-charged life
that his sense of
and manly pride
make him more together
radiates his life
gives him zip
to walk with a spring in his step
cocky, confident
a man of the world
the conqueror of women
conquers his world

Well, I’ve been a man
without a woman
for a very long time
struggling to stay alive
stay sane
stay sober
stay solvent
and though a hard slog
with no pleasure
no female touch
no scent of a woman
i made it so far

But now i’m aging
and the spring in my step
which kept me going
thanks to no woman
but my own self
is losing its bounce
and my smile
is losing its sparkle

There is no one here
to help when I’m sick
and I’ve suffered alone
and healed alone
cooked my food
and eaten alone

My good looks wasted
my wit wasted
my manhood wasted
sands of time
running out fast

But then I have my pride
no woman, no cry

17 September 2010

A queen and her knight

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A knight adores his queen
for whom he’ll face ordeals
go long without her presence
all for the love of his queen
who loves him
like Arthur’s queen Guinevere
loved Lancelot
the black night

The knight will
gladly share his queen
with an Alpha male king
for the queen’s pleasure
is the knight’s delight

And the queen
gives the knight
his soul’s desire
at her pleasure
and shows him
the mysteries
of female power
through secret sacraments
to sacred Shakti
the Divine Feminine
the Queen embodies

How to impress a woman

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Never be devoted to them
Never adore them
Never dote on them
That’s what wimps do

Make sure you are
The cock of the roost
Of a doting harem
But tell her she is Number One
And the rest are just bitches
Tell her you’ve never been loved before
Like she does
Tell her you need her
Buy her expensive gifts
Above all, tell her what she wants to hear
That she is the best
Be the strong, silent type
And she’ll think she found
Her dream lover
That’s what players do

I am a rock

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Rocks have many uses
They make good houses
They pave beautiful roads
They make mighty dams
You can also use rocks
To stone someone
Or you can kick
A rock around
Just for fun

A rock can be
On its own
For a very long time
A rock has no need
For company
Or a mate
The last thing a rock needs
Is a cuddle
A rock is strong and hard
And patient
But if a drop drips long enough
The rock will crack
I am that rock